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What is ISOLO?

By integrating wireless and audio technology, Cloudvocal completely redefined recording and live performance. Just as musicians practice to achieve perfection, we never stops practicing our art. Our goal was to add studio-grade sound quality to this compact, intuitive device. 

How to use ISOLO?

The set up of ISOLO can be soo easy and effortless. Simply follow the 5 steps, and you are ready to go! 

Who is it for?

The one who would like to...

Bringing it into Full Play on A Familiar Basis

Globally Applicable Wireless Technique, Instinctive Setup & Simple Usage - Your attention should not be taken by any line, except for melodic lines. The VF-10 System operates in the globally available 2.4GHz band, free from regulation problems no matter where you are. With the one-click pairing, auto-connecting design, the system dispenses with complicated channel setup, and effectively avoids interference by automatic frequency hopping.

Dual Sound Capturing Mode & Eight Built-in Effects - No matter micing, which stresses on sounds with higher fidelity, or piezo pickup, which offers a bigger volume output, you can now have both and switch freely between them. There are also eight built-in effects that can bring your inspiration into a better play.

Adjustable Mount, Easy Installation Without Damaging the Varnish -The specialized lightweight mount ensures that the instrument’s resonance remains unaffected, while it also protects your beloved instrument from varnish damages.

Elegant and Portable for Any Performance - The system integrates all must have audio functions for soloists, plus the elegant storage design, there’s no more bags of stuff to carry before going on stage, and no more forgetting stuff after performances.


Enhanced recording

Made exclusively for ISOLO users, the AR1 Key Chain Recorder enables extensive functionality such as digital recording while EC-5 provides the real-time monitoring function. You can also link with various music apps via USB audio to discover endless possibilities in teaching, learning, and creating.