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What is ISOLO?

By integrating wireless and audio technology, Cloudvocal completely redefined recording and live performance. Just as musicians practice to achieve perfection, we never stops practicing our art. Our goal was to add studio-grade sound quality to this compact, intuitive device. 

How to use ISOLO?

The set up of ISOLO can be soo easy and effortless. Simply follow the 5 steps, and you are ready to go! 

Who is it for?

The one who would like to...

Easy installation, Protect vanish and sound projection!

SMALLEST - At just 26 grams, ISOLO is the world’s smallest – and smartest wireless microphone system. Throw it in your bag for impromptu jam sessions and spontaneous performances.

WIRELESS - With wireless audio technology, artists could play music without limitations on the stage. They will no longer need to connect the instrument to the patch cord.

HIGH QUALITY - ISOLO supports 48KHz sampling rate, and its integrated microphone, preamp (preamplifier), and 24 bit ADC shorten the digitalization process and reduce the distortion rate.

COMPREHENSIVE - With integrated preamp, EQ and effects, plus precise control of balance all in one package. ISOLO CHOICE can create dramatic tensions and the layers of the music.

FLEXIBLE - ISOLO has 50 feet and 100 feet adjustable mode. Near Mode makes music authentic, and Far Mode has a stable connection and high quality recording function to boost your performance to a higher level.


Jazz Violinist, Adrien Chevalier

"ISOLO CHOICE for Violin is my go to set up for most of my performances, both simple and practical to use producing a high quality acoustic sound with no feedback and low latency. The sleek Microphone Transmitter is easy to put on and remove safely. The sturdy Choice Receiver has all the functions you’ll need, with the addition to be battery powered via USB, giving you absolute freedom when paired with a battery amp. Definitely my first recommandation for all violinists looking for professional quality and versatility.”
- Adrien Chevalier, Jazz Violinist

Enhanced recording

Made exclusively for ISOLO users, the AR1 Key Chain Recorder enables extensive functionality such as digital recording while EC-5 provides the real-time monitoring function. You can also link with various music apps via USB audio to discover endless possibilities in teaching, learning, and creating.