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Using technology to teach music classes is the way to go! It’s more effective and much easier on you! Let us give you a hand!

“Get things done, all at once”

What matters the most is your tone. The new coming flagship product not only gives you compact wireless functions, also guarantees a refined sound quality and more effects to explore.

Recommend professional performance system

ISOLO PRIME - Winds Wireless System

Every last detail got first priority. Enjoy the studio sound wherever you are.

“Want to track your progress?”

Everybody has a mobile phone, so simply connect the portable USB receiver and pair the wireless microphone. Every sound counts.

Recommend wireless recording set

Acoustic Guitar Wireless Recording Set

Dual capsule mic covers every stlye. Plug and record anytime, anywhere. It's simple and easy.

Woodwind Instrument Wireless Recording Set

Extended gooseneck provides further reach to various outlets. Plug and record anytime, anywhere, It's simple and easy.

String Instrument Wireless Recording Set

Versatile wirelss device for violinists and fiddlers. Plug and record anytime, anywhere, simple and easy.

“Hi... I'm afraid I couldn't attend the lesson…” You sigh when you hear this.

However, you don’t have to meet with your students in person; instead, interact just using virtual methods! Use the Internet as your teaching platform and break the boundries.

Recommend recording interface

JOINup Mobile Interface

Real-time recording doesn’t require complicated gears. Just line in and go “LIVE”.

“How do I start performing?”

To do a good job, one must first sharpen his tool. Just as one does as they learn a musical instrument, gears also undergo continuous improvement and innovation, and at CLOUDVOCAL, we have some wonderful solutions for the budding musician!

Recommend advanced stage performance system

ISOLO CHOICE - Violin wireless system

New wireless microphone with EPIC pickup that makes tone switch so easy. You can achieve classical or folk sound at will.

ISOLO CHOICE - Saxophone wireless system

Extended gooseneck provides further reach to various outlets while anchoring the mic capsule in the exact positions.

ISOLO CHOICE - Guitar Wireless System

Dual capsule mic covers every style. From the top to the body sound, finally there’s a go-to mic for every style of playing.