What gear should I use?


For instrument recording only

If you only need to record the direct sound of your instrument, then go for the pro wireless mic and USB recorder.

Pro wireless mic is actually a wireless transmitter that has three versions for various instruments. Guitar mic works well with guitars and ukuleles; Saxophone mic works well with woodwind instruments; String mic works well with the string instrument family.

The USB recorder allows you to record easily. Once connect to the mobile phones or laptops, you are able to record. Therefore it is suitable for those who need to record and practice at home. The video links below demonstrate how to use it on iOS and Android devices.

Wireless Recording Set

Acoustic Guitar Wireless Recording Set

Dual capsule mic covers every stlye. Plug and record anytime, anywhere. It’s simple and easy.

Woodwind Instrument Wireless Recording Set

Extended gooseneck provides further reach to various outlets. Plug and record anytime, anywhere, It’s simple and easy.

String Instrument Wireless Recording Set

Versatile wirelss device for violinists and fiddlers. Plug and record anytime, anywhere, simple and easy.

For gigs and performances

If you are looking for a portable device for your performance that has effects, aux-in and line-in mic, ISOLO CHOICE is it your perfect solution. Just it plug into amps or mixers, your show is ready to go.

CHOICE performance

Recommendations for stage use

ISOLO CHOICE – Violin wireless system

New wireless microphone with EPIC pickup that makes tone switch so easy. You can achieve classical or folk sound at will.

ISOLO CHOICE – Saxophone wireless system

Extended gooseneck provides further reach to various outlets while anchoring the mic capsule in the exact positions.

ISOLO CHOICE – Guitar Wireless System

Dual capsule mic covers every style. From the top to the body sound, finally there’s a go-to mic for every style of playing.

Want to record while performing?

Feel like to record your wonderful music instantly? With the JOINup mobile interface, not only you can record your music on phones or laptops, also you can do a livestream elegantly without sacrificing the audio quality.


Recommendations for mobile interface

JOINup mobile interface

Real-time recording does not require complicated gears. Just line in and your’re going “LIVE” the next second.