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Instruction of ISOLO CHOICE

ISOLO RECORDING SERIES is an amazing tool for all musicians. Designed by innovative technology, it can capture the pure instrument sound without ambient noise, it is a popular music teaching and recording tool.By removed gigantic recording interface, it makes you easier to record, play and transmit your works wherever you are with your smart phone or desktop.

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Handbook of Recording package

How to record with mono recording receiver?

How to record with mono recording receiver (iOS)

How to record with mono recording receiver (Android)

How to install different kind of mount?

Wind Instruments Mount Package Installation Steps

Guitar Mount Package Installation Steps

String Instruments Mount Package Installation Steps

Microphone charging method

ISOLO Microphone- Charging method

Recording Software instruction

How to use iSolo with GarageBand

How to use iSolo with Cubase

How to use iSolo with Ableton

How to use iSolo with Reaper


What is USB recording receiver?

USB recording receiver receives signal transmitted from the microphone. It allows you to record on your PC by activating DAW. For mobile devices, adapter cables will be necessary to record with built-in recording or filming Apps. Please notice that since the receiver receives signal directly from the microphone, it can not be paired with the stage receiver nor add effects to your sound.

Why the voice recording with USB recording receiver is low?

The USB recording receiver is designed for recording therefore will preserve more headroom for mixing. User may edit the volume in DAW or have it adjusted automatically when upload to social media.

Can we monitor while recording with the USB recording receiver?

Our digital recording receiver is mainly designed to receive signals from the microphone which playback function is not included in. Therefore, you cannot monitor while recording with the USB receiver.

What app can I use if I use iOS devices?

iPhone: You may use built-in camera or Impact (by Focusrite)

iPad: You may use Garageband or iRig recorder (by IK Multimedia)

What app can I use if I use Android devices?

We recommand Open Camera APP.


Android recording audio:Auphonic Edit/RecForge II

Android recording video:Open Camera/Cinema FV-5 lite

Why I cannot connect the USB recording receiver with my android device?

Since there are diverse brands and specs of Android devices, there is relatively difficult to develop an universal recording App. Though ISOLO is compatible with Android, users might feel less convenient.

How long can the mic be charged completely? and how long is the battery life?

The microphone transmitter contains condenser microphone module and rechargeable lithium battery which can be recharged with Portable chargers (not included) and receptacles via the included power cable.

It normally takes 2 hours for a complete charge for an expected battery life under continuous use is approximately 5~7 hours.

The capacity retains 80% of the original battery after 300 cycles. Since there will be various usage scenarios, using a certain time interval might not be precise. There is one-year warrant of defective batteries. Replacements of batteries after warranty will be charged accordingly. (Approximately $85 USD)

How can I know the microphone transmitter is fully charged?

A red light will show while charging, and will disappear when fully charged.

Can the microphone transmitter be paired with the stage receiver and USB recording receiver at the same time?

The microphone transmitter can only pair with one receiver at the same time. It either pairs with the stage receiver or USB recording receiver. If filming with USB recording receiver, user record only the raw sound from their instruments without any effect. If multiple input is demanded, please check out the latest joinup product.

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